Thursday, 26 January 2012

MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer.

So I've just re-purchaed this concealer by MAC because I absolutely am really in love with it and I thought I'd do a quick review. I got this a couple shades lighter than my skin tone in NC20 as I mainly use this under my eyes to lift my face??? Also it makes me look more awake which is wonderful as I am not a morning person!

I find this literally covers everything! I use this for redness and blemishes and on days where I've only had four hours sleep it does wonders for those naughty under eye circles! Mine aren't really that bad at all but it makes such a huge difference. This is really easy to apply and blend and will stay on all day long once set.


I really recommend this to anyone. It's usually a good sign if I re-purchase as I do like to try out different products so yes, I love this it's totes amaze! (I don't really say that!) I hope this has been somewhat helpful. I definitely was not destined to be a writer but this is just my opinion on it so I hope you like it. Let me know? :) xx


  1. I really want to try this product, it looks fab!


  2. Looks amazing! Mac products tend to be on the pricier side tho... :(

    Love Ellen xx

    1. I know :/ Although I do think this it's definitely worth the price! Think it was £13.50 so not too bad at all! x

  3. I've wanted to try this ages. I'm loving the lasting perfection concealer from Collection 2000 atm though. But whenever I have money I might pick up it x

  4. I awarded you the Versatile blogger award, if you're interested then check out my blog for more details :)

  5. anything thats good for under eye circles is amazing in my books. x

  6. I also have this concealer and it's amazing! xx

  7. this looks great im always after a good concealer!

    great blog hun

  8. ooh it does look good, i'm buying the bobbi brown creamy concealer next, but if i don't get along with that i'll definitely bear this in mind! x

  9. Oh let me know if it's good? I wanna try the benefit one too but this lasts ages so I'm good for the moment! x