Sunday, 15 January 2012

New shoessss.

I bought these the other day from Office so they will be meeting my feet in the next few days when they arrive! Just thought I'd share them because I blooody love them! I can't get enough of leopard print at the moment I'm leopard crazy! I really need to stop spending all my money on shoes (not that it's a bad thing) but actually buy some more clothes. If you look in my wardrobe at the moment it looks like I've stolen a rail from my local charity shop .. oops! But anyways just a quick post. I want to get some creepers too but they'll have to wait hmmm. xx


  1. Those shoes are perfect! I was very tempted when i spotted them a few days ago

    Chelsea x

  2. Oh my god I LOVE them!!!
    Laur x

  3. Cool shoes

  4. love them!
    following you, looking forward to reading more :)
    laur x

  5. cannot wait to see how you style them.

    J x