Tuesday, 3 January 2012

should of worn a coat today.

Cardigan - H! by henry holland. Top/Skirt - H&M. Bag - Topshop. Shoes - Primark.
Hi! I Just wanted to do a quick post of what I wore today. It's pretty simple I had to literally run out the door. I went to the beach and yes it was quite cold .. boo! But six doughnuts seemed to warm me up which was nice. Sorry I have no face in this also. I'll be putting up another outfit on here tomorrow as I am raiding my local charity shops in the morning with all my loose change. But anyways I hope you are all having a nice start to the new year! Emma xx


  1. lovely outfit! and the beach!? i always wanted to visit the beach in the winter, it seems to have a charm all on its own when it's cold!



  2. hi! :)) nice outfit! I love you blog!


  3. I love this cardigan and this outfit is so pretty xx

  4. Hello Hello, I do have the names of the 6 laqueres, there in order as in the picture

    1. From A to Z-Urich
    2. I'm Not Really A Waitress
    3. (this I do not have the name for sorry)
    4. Bribane Bronze
    5. Yodel Me On My Cell
    6. Purple-Opolis


  5. Everything about this outfit is too cute,!

  6. i love the colours in your cardigan, it's gorgeous! x

  7. Love your style, I'm a new follower. Great blog (: xoxo

  8. Thank you so much :) I'm gonna check out everyones blog yay! xx