Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow Day!!

Jumper - Thrifted. Scarf - H&M. Jeggings - River island. Boots - NEXT. Bag - Beyond Retro.

Hi! Hope everyone's enjoying the snow if you have it. I love it so much it's so pretty on the trees! I took my son out sledging today. He got a bit cold and wasn't very happy so we came home for some hot chocolate and lots of naughty food! I didn't manage to get any photos of what I wore in the snow and my tripod has been left at mothers so back to myspace pictures in my bathroom it is. So I just got these bright blue jeans and I seem to be wearing them quite a bit. I think bright jeans are my new obsession. I've seen some yellow ones too that I probably will just have to buy. You won't miss me in a blizzard!! But anyway the first picture I just took down the park and it's pretttttty so thought I'd put it on here too .. why not! Keep warm, Emma xx


  1. I have bright red jeans so far. I need to get yellow, pink and every other colour under the rainbow lol.

  2. Wow, the park looks absolutely amazing!
    Ahh, your outfit looks so comfortable and warm.

  3. Lovely outfit, the boots are gorgeous
    Our snow was pretty pointless, I was looking forward to snapping away today, but it was pretty much nothing by this morning :( x

  4. I'm just loving your cobalt blue pants and the boots! Sledding and hot chocolate goes hand in hand, sounds like you and your son had a good time.

  5. I actually am in love with your boots. I adore the colour..and the best bit is that they're perfect for the snow!x

  6. Love the boots! The snow looks so pretty but so happy there is none where I am!

    1. Haha it's nice for a day or so eyy! Thank you x

  7. That first photo is gorgeous. I'm jealous of all the snow, there isn't any at all up here!
    Love those bright blue jeans, I really want some coloured jeans at the moment!

    Gillian x

  8. your jeggings are amazing, and I loove your boots. the snow in reading has gone all rubbish and slushy now- not fair I wanted to build a snowman aha. just found your blog through twitter and I'm loving it x