Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Glory Days.

Dress - Beyond Retro. Jacket - H&M. Denim jacket - Primark. Jewellery - Regal Rose. Sunglasses - H&M.

What's that .. on the floor? Oh did you take my picture? So I changed my hair AGAIN. Can you even tell haha? I didn't really like it 'copper' so I stripped it, bleached it, dyed it blonde and then ash brown and blonde ombre. Coconut oil and egg masks are my two best friends right now! Not much to say about this outfit. It's pretty simpleeeeee! I got this dress from beyond retro a while ago now. Well, when I say dress I actually mean playsuit that I just about managed to make into a dress and still keep my dignity.

I hope everyone's well and enjoying the sunshine! Emma xoxo 


  1. LOVING your style! You're such an inspiration. I love this look too, the dress is adorable!

  2. You're so freaking hot! Haha i love your hair! It looks lovely :) And i looove the outfit too, you make it look so effortless xx

  3. swoon, I think i'm in love with your hair, clothes, face. x

  4. love this outfit. Really cool dress and nice with the denim jacket. Great angle shot too


  5. yesss, in love with all of this! xx

  6. love this outfit- and hello hair, it looks lovelyyy x

  7. wow! your blog is great! I really like it!
    I am following you now for suree! :P
    also on twitter!
    have a great day!

  8. Your posts are a great read and i love your style! Im a new follower :) and on jnstagram too! X

  9. Wauw, this outfit could have been mine.
    And by typing that I just realized it may sound a little bitchy to say that!
    Haha, I adore your style!