Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Regal Rose Haul

So a lot of you will already know about Regal Rose but for those of you who don't go check them out they are aweesomeeeee!! I only used to wear gold jewellery but after seeing these little beauties on their website, I can now safely say that I have been converted! I love love love anything to do with skulls and skeletons (not real ones though) so naturally I fell in love with the skeleton hand ear cuff and skull ring. A whole lot of gorgeousness! I had to get some gold bits though so I went for the gold gladiator cuff and geometric armlet which will be lovely for the sunshine!I also got 20 hair rings for my barnet. They're so easy to put in and add quite a nice touch! Totally ordering them in gold babyyyy! All the pieces I bought are listed below if anyone wants to know. You like them as much as I do? 

Oh! P.s. You may have noticed I changed the name of my blog. The other one was kind of temporary and I wasn't really feeling it so this one's the winner!

Evie. Skeleton Hand Ear Cuff   
Ada. Skulls & Crystal Ring
AEON. Hair Rings
Patia. Aztec Hinge Ring
Pectus. Large Silver Cross Necklace
Minya. Geometric Armlet
Evil Eye. Hamsa Hand Ring
Pixie. Tibetan Feather Earrings 
Fern. Cage Ear Cuff
Pagan. Huge Silver Cross Earrings
Lena. Huge Gold Gladiator Cuff


  1. These are all amazing, what a collection!

  2. I LOVE all of these, such amazing pieces of jewellery!!! x

  3. Woah, every piece is gorgeous! :D
    I'm defiantly considering buying the ear cuff its amazing!

  4. They are hot. Love every piece.


  5. Havnt heard of this company before, some lovely items!
    I too am a gold only kind of lady, but agree im tempted by some of the other peices. :)

  6. silver is definitely the best! love regal rose, going to check it out right now!

    Emma x