Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pinky and the brain.

Hat - H&M. Top - Topshop (old). Glasses - H&M. Jeans - H&M. Creepers -

This week I have mostly been dying my hair pink. What do you think? Oh poet and all that! I quite like it actually and i think you will see many different colours to come horayyy! I've got a few outfits scheduled so finally my blog will have a steady flow of posts! Not much to say about this outfit really although I'm getting a little too used to this hat as it's hiding my roots well. I'm growing my hair out and haven't dyed it for about 4 months now (blonde bits are extensions uhohhh secret's out) so I am very proud of myself and my hair is getting shinier and shinier I feel like standing infront of my mirror with a hairdryer on me saying 'because I'm worth it'. So yeah whilst you're picturing that I'm going to end this and go on a little shopping trip! It's my little boy's 3rd birthday on the 17th I can't believe it!! He is such a little angel and I am the luckiest mummy of them all! Anyway be back soon hope you are all well. Emma xoxo

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Another day, another black outfit.

Hat: H&M Jacket: Boyfriend's Dress: H&M Bag: Primark Shoes: H&M

Hiii guys! So again another not so great photo but I must say it's sooo much easier taking a pic in the mirror than trying to fit my whole outfit in and not look awkward whilst my camera is on my tripod. Are you bored of me moaning about my photos yet? Eeeek! Anyway moving on! So every time I think I'm being all summery and happy buying a little colour for my wardrobe, I always end up taking it all back to the shops because I just cannot seem to keep away from my goff closet. I love black and looking like I'm heading to a funeral every day and all that though. The other day i had my inverted cross necklace on and without sounding like a horrible little person, this reallllllly creepy guy with a bandana on came up and asked me where I got it so I think I fit in quite nicely! I'm going to go now because I am waffling. Hope you are lovely and well as always! Emma xoxo