Monday, 4 February 2013

Make Up | Benefit repurchases

 Benefit - Big beautiful eyes. Benefit - Hoola bronzer. Benefit - Bad Gal waterproof eyeliner. BENEFIT - Bad gal mascara.

First off, let me start by saying a belated merry christmas and happy new year! Yes I know it's February but it still counts?! So one of my new year's resolutions was to really get into my blog and start doing regular posts. We can all see i have failed at that. Oops! Onwards and upwards though hey!!

I wanted to do more beauty posts so thought this would be a perfect start. These benefit products are all repurchases expect the waterproof eyeliner. I'm not a fan of eye pencils (I use e.l.f cream eyeliner. Love it!!) But this came part of a double whammy partnership of bad gal so thought I'd give it a go. In all honestly i'm not a big fan. I tried it and within the first hour it had made it's way down my face. Not a pretty look I must say. But the bad gal mascara is my fav so far! I think this is my fourth one. Maybe I should try something else if you guys have any suggestions?! 

Hoola bronzer is an all time winner for me. When my last one ran out July last year, I tried all sorts of drugstore replacements as I was a wee bit tight on money but none came close. It contours my face perfectly and so naturally. The best!

Last but not least is the big beautiful eyes. This is a perfect travel palette. Complete with boi-ing concealer no 2 and three beautiful eye shadows. This is a great contouring kit for the eyes but also comes in quite handy for the old eyebrows as it comes complete with two brushes. So that's that! Just thought i would share this with you as I love seeing what people have bought. Goodbye until next time lovelies! xxx


  1. Great purchases, love the mascara


  2. I definitely need to try some new mascaras - I used to be in love with a waterproof sensitive eyes one from no7, and they discontinued it, ever since I have been disappointed time after time.. this will be on my shopping list! I hate the curved brushes you get so often these days.. What does this come with?

    Will let you know my findings.. :-)

    Love, Thrifty B, xx